All our products are manufactured, assembled and tested according to current regulations, codes and ISO 9001 quality criteria.


QUALITY has been always our differentiating feature. Our products are characterized by high standars finishes and severe mechanical and dielectric responses. For this, the design and manufacturing of all metalwork, machining and shaping of enclosures , bus bars, fittings, mounting plates and accessories are customized in our workshops and through our suppliers to adapt in a suitable way to each project. We can also install any enclosure, accessory or kit available on the market.




Protection, Control and Measurement cabinets.                     Power Distribution switchboards. Motor Control Centers (MCC's).
Command and Control boards. Auxiliary Services AC/DC.           PLC's and industrial PC's cabinets.
Synoptics of polycarbonate, mosaic and serigraphy.  LV / MV Switchgears.                            LV / MV Centralization Boxes.       

Power Electronics Converters.

Special and customized manufacturing.                                                                                                               

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